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We Raised ____ From The BBQ!!

OH MY GOSH. This was our biggest fundraiser YET! I do have to say I had my doubts but it all worked out perfectly! We are so thankful! So are ya ready to hear how much we did!? Okay! We raised Continue reading “We Raised ____ From The BBQ!!”

Update?..Or Not So Much…

Soooo…there isn’t much of an update here to be honest. Our BBQ dinner is next weekend(on Halloween) and so far we have sold Continue reading “Update?..Or Not So Much…”

BBQ Anyone?

So as my previous blog post said, our next step is the Home Study. In order to do that we need to raise a bit more funds so we are doing a BBQ Plate Lunch Fundraiser! If you are in Louisiana and are near here then come help support! Tickets need to be purchases beforehand so we know how much food to prepare. We are putting our complete trust in God to find the funds to proceed with the Home Study. We appreciate all the help so far!

A Few Steps Closer

Each day we get closer and closer to actually sending our paperwork off to start the adoption with Continue reading “A Few Steps Closer”

Be The 1 in 1,000

Continue reading “Be The 1 in 1,000”

What A Wonderful Weekend

Continue reading “What A Wonderful Weekend”

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