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Gods will

I’m Back!

So…’s been a while huh? A lot of Continue reading “I’m Back!”

Passing Time

How ya’ll doing? It’s been a lil bit since I’ve blogged so here I am. So nothing new Continue reading “Passing Time”

Something I Feel Led To Do..

At our church, Our Saviors in Lafayette, we have a service on the first Wednesday of every month. This past one on April 6th was AMAZING and really hit me. Continue reading “Something I Feel Led To Do..”

SO Ready…

During this holiday season this whole not having a baby or have adopted yet has kinda hit me pretty hard. I am just so darn ready to have my own child.. I want to shower them with love 24/7 everyday for the rest of my life. We even took the step of putting up a Continue reading “SO Ready…”

Hello December

To be honest..there’s Continue reading “Hello December”

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