This has been on my heart for a while to share soo I decided today was the day. I want to share how Young Living has blessed my husband and I.

This past December made 3 years since I got into Young Living. I never thought one simple act of buying a kit of oils would change my life.

Blessing #1

I won’t go into how much I get a month but I will tell you that it completely covers my monthly order each month. When I first got into YL I didn’t plan on doing it as a biz….the biz kinda happened to me. It became a blessing because all of last year, Tim’s job had little to no work which majorly affected his checks. I’m talking bare minimum hours. Our bills got backed up and we had to voluntarily repossess my vehicle(ugh…still salty about this because I LOVED THIS VEHICLE). My checks each month were enough to continue my orders and not have to completely stop them. Praise Jesus! And also, Tim found a new job around October that is completely sent by God. So we are on our way to get back on track.

Blessing #2

In November I started having problems with my wisdom teeth. Truth be told, I avoided the dentist for 20 years……and I’m 29. I was legit scared to death to go. Well, it got too bad for me to try and cover it with Clove Oil because it started to affect my eating. If you know me, I barely eat as it is. With Tim getting this new job we were able to get insurance back. Yeah, we cut out insurance a few months before he got this job because we literally needed all the extra we could get to pay our bills. Tim convinced me to call and go ahead and see what was up with my teeth. Of course as I suspected, it was my wisdom teeth…along with a few cavities. So we scheduled my appointment and they told me that our type of insurance requires us to pay 20% of the procedure…. I was like o…..k. The total was $212 we had to pay. Keep in mind this was right after Tim started this job so as you can imagine I was freaking out because we had to play catch up. I trusted God to provide a way and that he did. That month I was able to save $150 off my check to put towards my dental visit AND still cover my monthly order. I am so very thankful for that.

Blessing #3

I don’t reach for over the counter stuff anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for those but if I don’t have to I won’t. I’m not one to mess around with any kind of side effects. Therapeutic essential oils(which YL’s are) are adaptogenic, meaning that they can change and adapt to what the body needs because it’s a natural substance. It does for my body what MY body needs, and for your body what YOUR body needs. We can use the same oil and it would do something totally different for both of us. Oils are so cool!

Blessing #4

My hair and skin have never been better. My hair and my nails are growing at an alarming rate. My hair growing fast means I can do more with it! Right now, my nails are the longest they’ve been(natural) in my life. It is so amazing what happens when you aren’t putting chemical laden stuff on your largest organ. Ever thought that maybe some of the problems you have regarding skin and hair may be from the chemicals in your products? Try using natural products for a month and see how your body reacts 😉 You might not turn back.

Blessing #5

Community. The people I’m on this journey with are not just there because they need you so they can get their money, no, they genuinely are there to help you succeed. This is a family. There are SOOO MANY resources available to our community that it’s not even funny. So if you think that when you join you’ll be forgotten I can promise you that you wont be. Best part about our community? They are God fearing people. There’s a group for prayer requests. I don’t know what I did to deserve this but I am so thankful for this because it’s honestly gotten me thru some stuff.

Blessing #6

I can work from ANYWHERE. As long as I have my phone or a WiFi connection I’m good to go. This is what I love. I can work as short or as long as I want.

Blessing #7

I have more time to spend with my husband. When I was working, I always had the later shift and barely got to spend time with Tim. That’s a total no go for me. And when we do have kids I won’t have to worry because I’ll be able to stay home and care for my child. This is a big thing for us. I think everyone should have this freedom.

Blessing #8

Tim has been able to keep his thyroid in check by taking YL’s supplement Thyromin. Now, when it comes to supplements I would advise you talking to your doctor to make sure what targeted supplements you need. Don’t just start taking them all. Find out what your body lacks and only do those. We knew Tim’s thyroid levels were wack because of a previous hospital stay where we found out he had Graves Disease. Thyromin is not a cure. I repeat, it is not a cure. It just simply helps support healthy levels in the thyroid.


I’m sure there are a ton more that I could post about but I think this gives you a good idea. This is more than a job or hobby, its a LIFESTYLE.