I originally started this blog to post about our adoption journey, well, there’s still nothing happening with that just yet. We are still waiting patiently on God’s plan for us. In the meantime, I will start posting about some of my other passions. I honestly don’t know where my mind has been because I so could of started this sooner LOL. It’s never too late to start something.

Let’s talk about oils! I have mentioned them a bit before but I feel like I should share my heart on them. Three years ago I was researching more natural ways of helping my body to conceive. [If you are new here then you must know that Tim and I have been married for 7 years and have been fighting unexplained infertility for 6 years. At first we did try to go the doctor route but the doctor didn’t seem quite concerned enough for us, I mean, we were only at 3 months of trying with no luck..but still. I think women know fully well when there is something wrong with their body. But, you know, doctors know best I guess.] Anyways, that particular year I was searching what natural ways we could try to implement to conceive and I kept seeing this certain oil come up in my searches. That oil was called Progessence Plus by Young Living. As I was reading up on it I learned that it has a bio-identical form of progesterone that is derived from wild yams. From earlier testing, I knew that my body did not produce any progesterone, therefore I wouldn’t ovulate. I also seen how coveted this oil was to everyone. At the very same time as my researching, one of my friends posted about a Young Living Premium Starter Kit of oils. I turned to Tim and asked if that could be my Christmas gift that year, he said yes. So I ordered the kit and added Progessence Plus and Dragon Time(another oil that kept coming up in my searches).

Little did I know how much of a life change these oils would encourage. I really don’t know how people can use only one oil and not try any others because, MAN, you get addicted LOL. You would be amazed at how only a few drops can support your body. Even in ways that you can’t understand. Let me also say that not all oils are the same, there is a difference despite what you may think. There is 4 grades of essential oils: Grade D is low quality or floral water. These are synthetic or nature-identical oils that are used in skin and hair products. Grade C is perfume grade and are extended or altered oils that contain chemicals and solvents. Grade B is natural/food grade is natural oils(organic) and certified oils that can still have chemicals in them. Grade A is therapeutic grade that is safe for ingestion and is pure and unadulterated. Young Living is Grade A oils. The quality of essential oils really do matter. When people have a reaction to an oil, it is most likely one of the other grades because they are reacting to the chemicals that are added in.

Young Living takes pride in providing the best quality oils. They go as far as trashing a whole batch of oil if it does not hold up to each tests standards. Gary Young does not believe in stretching an oil with chemicals or solvents to get a beloved oil to us. This is why some oils stay out of stock for a really long time. Young Living has a Seed to Seal promise that you can read here: Seed to Seal. The cool thing about this is that anyone can go to the farms and be a part of harvesting and distilling the crops in season. You even get to go home with that oil you helped harvest. What other companies do that?

Since I got my oils, I’ve been more conscious of what I put on my body. Once I started researching even more, I found out that our everyday items we buy at the store contain some nasty toxins that affect our– YOU GUESSED IT– reproductive system! Think about it…young girls developing way sooner than we used to. It is because of all the chemicals in those products and also in our food. Most people are like, “well I’ve been using such and such all my life and I turned out fine!” Yeah you might be “fine” but how many times are you sick? And also if you know something is harmful, why would you still want to use it?…especially on your kids? Personally, I want to try and limit all that as much as I can because I really do want to have a child of my own one day and I’d like to live long enough to see my kids have kids. Now, I understand that this level of extreme is not for everyone. Do I still use products from the store? Yes. Will I eventually switch everything over to YL? Yes. I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that no one is perfect. There is room for fault. But will I try my best to be as toxin free as I can be? Of course because I realize how important my health is. Once you know better you start doing better.

The reason I’m so passionate about these oils is because I see how they help, not only with me but others around me. Look at the world today. There is so much sickness that it is heartbreaking to see. Do you catch every bug that goes around? Then you need these oils. Do you find you get worse after the doctor? You need these oils. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for medicine. But what happens when you start to rely on them? Your body gets used them and they don’t work as well and they first did, huh? With oils, they are adaptogenic. This means that they can change and adapt to what the body needs because they are a natural substance. Oils help support the body to work AS IT SHOULD. I can honestly say I haven’t had to go to the doctor in these 3 years of using oils. Yes, I do still get sick but its not nearly as bad as before and surely does not last long. Essentially, by getting your kit you will be saving money despite what you may be thinking. You can read about the kit here: Premium Starter Kit. It is an investment to yourself for a healthier new you.

Well this got long… If you’ve made it all the way thru this I really appreciate you taking the time to read. My prayer is that I’ve helped someone take that step to bettering themselves. God bless.