So…’s been a while huh? A lot of stuff has happened. With our adoption? No, not at all. But. Let’s just say life in general. So back in September my husband got word that the company he was working for was starting to do rolling layoffs. Which basically what that means is his checks were cut in half and he’d only work every other week. This…we didn’t expect at all. We had no idea how we were going to get thru it. But we somehow were able to make it work. We lost Tim’s truck, couldn’t pay my internet bill(hence why ya’ll haven’t seen me do a blog in a while), and a few other non essential things.

I’m not sure how many of you reading my blog are Christians or even if you believe in God for the least little bit, but, I just have to tell you how GREAT He is! God is so gracious. He is Jehovah-Jireh, Our Provider! If we hadn’t turned to God during this time then I would not be here typing this out to you. I am so amazed by His wonderful ways. Some may think I’m crazy….I don’t really care because I don’t need anyone’s approval but Gods and I already know what He thinks of me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am beloved. I am His child. And so are all of you. This blog I’m writing out right now is mainly to get all my thoughts in order. Ya’ll, God comes thru when you give Him your full and complete trust! It works! I’ll be honest and say that I never did understand how some could put all their trust in something unseen….but now I have seen His power. And love. And mercy. And grace. And its just so breathtaking.

So I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that we are heavily involved in the student ministry at our church or not. We decided to get into it back in May of last year(2016). Since then it’s just been so amazing. I served at the high school camp as a small group leader for the first time in my life. I never thought I would do such a thing. But God knows our purpose. And where we need to be. And when. I had such an amazing group of girls. For the first time in my life….I felt God. I’m not sure if my eyes were even dry at all during that whole week at camp. It was the best experience I ever had. Ever. No lie. Since then, my relationship with these kids have grown so much! You know how Tim and I were called to adopt? Well…..we’ve gained 20 plus kids to look after and just pour Gods love into them. Most nights after we’ve been with the students, I come home and cry because I am just so HAPPY and THANKFUL God chose to put me on this path. God’s plans are far much better than ours! Look at this as proof. We can try only so much to have a baby of our own. But see how God knows what works better? Yes we are still called to adopt, in fact everyone is. But He knew how absolutely broken my heart was. I just wanted to LOVE. Look at how many kids He’s entrusted to us! They may not be our own flesh and blood but we still play a huge role in each and every one of their lives. My heart is overflowing. I have found my purpose.

2017 has started out really awesome. Tim comes home the Friday before New Years and said that there was a job at the shop and they would be back at full time hours. God. Is. So. Good. Only He knew that we were getting to the end of our rope not knowing how we would pay for our necessary bills. Jehovah-Jireh…..He provided! Since then it’s really been blessing after blessing. Both small and huge. We’ve been praying to find a 2nd vehicle when the time is right. Only having one vehicle sucks. I’m not going to lie. Its a blessing that I don’t work. See, God knows what He’s doing. We are trusting that God will come thru for our income tax and bless us with just enough to find an older model truck for Tim to drive back and forth to work. Until then, we are content with how God wants us to be.

We have grown to realize that we have to pray about everything. What we do. What we should do. Is this God’s will? What is the lesson in this? Where is God leading us? It’s crucial you guys. It says in the bible that if you ask God, then you shall receive. But also ask if it His will. Most people think that because they don’t get what they want or what they’ve prayed for that God doesn’t listen. That’s not true. He does listen. What you prayed for or asked for may not be in His plan for you. If you don’t get what you ask for, then thank Him and believe that what He has planned is far better than you can ever imagine. And just trust Him! Don’t take it into your own hands, because you will fail. God is for you. He’s not one to make you fail. What the enemy uses for evil, God can turn it around for the good. Never forget that.

I think I’ve rambled on enough. I honestly can’t contain anymore how much I am amazed by God. Oh how I’ve missed blogging. Thank you God for allowing us to get my internet back.