Im 28 years old and I have never, EVER seen anything like this. Some people got super lucky….my husband, me and my mom included. But for the rest….not so much. A majority of these towns/parishes all have homes that are now having to be completely gutted out due to the flood waters. Some had water as few as a couple inches in their homes all the way up to 4 feet of water inside their homes. No matter how much water tho….each of those homes has to be gutted all the way to just the studs up to a certain point depending on their insurance requirements and/or how high the water was in the home. You would think its not that bad right? Well here’s the kicker…the majority of these people DID NOT HAVE FLOOD INSURANCE. That means they will hardly have any assistance rebuilding unless FEMA steps in.

After the waters went down we went ride around to see what our town looked like. We had only one way to get out of our neighborhood to get to town. Parts of the town were still underwater. It was such a sad sight to see. The rain didn’t let up either, it kept coming on and off each day…still to this day as I write this blog.

Tuesday of this past week my husband and I felt the need to go help our church(Our Saviors Church of Lafayette, La) go out into our community and assist families in gutting their homes that had hardly no help. Most of our people from church that came out to help had NO PRIOR experience in doing any of this. But we did it! From slicing sheetrock to cutting paneling and plywood to tearing up flooring to moving furniture to helping pack valuables not touched by the flood. We all worked together to help these families. Some families we knew, some families we didn’t. And every home we went to the people were still in shock of what happened but also in somewhat of good spirits. I mean, imagine having to throw out ALL of your furniture and appliances. Most of the flood water was from a river or a coulee…and some of these contained sewage. They literally couldn’t save something even if they really wanted to. Sewage, mud, trash, you name it and it was in these waters. I still can’t believe what happened to be honest with ya’ll.

But God. God is amazing ya’ll! You might not see it in all of this but I promise he is good! You see, what the enemy uses for bad… God turns it around and uses it for GOOD. How? Well, that’s a thing we may never know. Stay focused on God thru the bad and eventually you will see all the reasons why it turns out good. God knows everything before it even happens. Our paths have been predestined for us. Stay focused on God. Praise Him in this storm and any other ones that may come up! He sees all what we are doing, please don’t think hes abandoned you. The time you are feeling like God has left is normally the time where He RIGHT beside you!! Stay focused on Him. We need to go thru things like this, as devastating as it can be, to grow.

This past week I’ve realized A LOT. My problems are tiny compared to all these families affected by the flood. Yeah sure, we may have our own financial problems right now but I know God will provide for us. These families need our help more than I need financial help right now. I don’t regret pushing aside some of our bills to go buy supplies for us to help gut these homes with our church. If I’m able to do more I will DEFINITELY do it without a doubt! God is faithful! I am putting my full trust in God that he knows what he is doing cause, DUH he does! I’m not saying that I won’t worry at times, I’m saying its all going to be okay one way or another. Just remember to never lose sight of Him. Jehovah-Jireh, God is our provider.

If you aren’t sure how to help the flood victims, please get in touch with a local church of yours or go to Our Savior’s Church website here. Get out in your community if you are in an area that was affected and see who needs help! You don’t need much experience on how to help them. It could be as simple as cooking a meal for a neighborhood! DO SOMETHING!