You are the God who provides. And that you do. Every single day. Even when we don’t realize. You provide us with everything we need to sustain us thru-out the day.

God, I almost gave up fighting for this adoption this past weekend. I’ll be honest and say that I started feeling like you weren’t in this anymore. But deep down I KNEW that you wouldn’t bring us this far into it to just abandon us. I had a very tiny hope still within me. And Sunday at church, you led the sermon(s) right to us. Now, I can’t recite it word for word but I do remember that it was about David defeating the giant.

Little did we know that they had a special speaker coming back to the 5 o’clock service so we agreed to go back and check him out. Thank you Lord for giving us the want to go see this speaker. You see, this particular speaker spoke about Moses and the Red Sea. God’s people were praying to him to lead them to freedom, but in turn God spoke to Moses instead. Why? Because Moses was the key to freedom for these people. Did Moses agree to do so at first? No. Instead he kept telling God about his inadequacies. But God seen these inadequacies as insurance because no matter what you try to do you have to trust in God to get you thru! Fast forward to when they reach the Red Sea. This is where you got me God.. We all face Red Seas. No matter what we do, what we try, there is no way for us to even physically move the waters. See this is where most people tend to give up because they start to feel like God isn’t there helping anymore. But in the text it says that once Moses and the people got to the Red Sea the angel that was leading in the front of them…changed positions to follow them. Why you think? The destination was set but the past was quickly catching up to them-which was the Pharaohs army. Are you following me now? God knows our futures but has to switch up positions when the past tries to come back at you. Did you know that the army was within striking distance?? Another thing that got me was when Moses parted the sea. You would think that where water has been would be mud right? Not this time. God made the path dry so the enemy couldn’t follow their tracks. And by the way, the sea wasn’t parted at once but took all night with the wind blowing to make the path.

SO just because you are at a “so say” dead end DOES NOT mean God has abandoned you. It only means he switched up his fighting position. Back to David. He conquered Goliath because his eyes were set on God. Not the fight in front of him. Set your eyes on Jehovah-Jireh and he will provide!

Thank you Lord for renewing our fight. I fully believe that you will provide our needs to adopt. You will make a way for us. Guide us in this test of faith Lord. Help us to cast all the fears and anxieties out of our minds and solely focus on your amazing goodness. Give us the wisdom and discernment to know when the Enemy is coming at us.Thank you for everything that you have done for us so far. We know it cannot compare to what lies ahead. We are ready to fight Lord.