We knew that this wouldn’t be easy. But this has reached a whole new meaning of hard. When you’ve come so far and put so much more money into it, only to come to a point where you cannot move things along. Our Home Study is almost complete. You would think that its a good thing but, in reality, it just means that we can’t apply to the agencies yet. Why you ask? Well, one simple reason: MORE MONEY. What is the point to apply to these agencies, which keep in mind most have application FEES, when we will only have to deny the cases that come up because we don’t have the necessary funds? WE NEED HELP. There I said it. Tim and I never ever ever ask for help. We do all that we can for others but hardly get anything in return. How much longer can we do this? We want nothing more than to be parents. But it feels like this dream that God has given us is slowly starting to fade away. And I’m not okay with that. Its getting so hard when people ask how our adoption is going. Lately I just want to break down crying because there is nothing to tell. No one cares. This world has become so selfish. It’s all, what do I get out of this? Where is the good people that actually still help when people are in need? I understand when people suggest we go thru fostering to adopt but in order to do that we all need to be on the same page, which we all are not. And its not the way we want to go first. We want domestic adoption. Period. Its too late to switch when we’ve already put in $6,000. We have a contract. I just don’t know what else to do.