So Tim and I’s 6 year marriage anniversary is this Sunday, May 8th. Also makes 5 years that we’ve been trying to have a baby. You know, no one ever really thinks after they get married if they will have infertility issues. You just kind of assume that your normal and will get pregnant as soon as you try. But it seems as tho the norm has changed to the majority of couples having infertility trouble instead of easily getting pregnant. And its quite sad I find. But enough about that…

We tried for 3 months before I decided to ask my Gynecologist at my yearly appointment about it. She ordered blood-work to take a look at my hormone levels. I patiently waited for about a week. I remember getting the call while I was at work so my boss let me take my break to go call back and see what the result was. Turns out my body doesn’t produce Progesterone at all. That is kind of a main factor in ovulating. You need to have progesterone to ovulate so that an egg can be fertilized. And without an egg to get fertilized….well…you can’t get pregnant. Also a few of my hormones were high, like my testosterone and one other one that I can’t remember. She referred us to a Reproductive Endocrinologist to help figure out more of the problem. So Tim and I made our appointment. The day of our appointment came and we talked with the doctor about what was going on. The doctor didn’t seem at all concerned about our situation so he just let us go on our way. Just a FYI: doctors don’t have real concerns until you make a year of trying to conceive. So we kind of thought we were okay. It still sucked but if they weren’t concerned why should we be?

Fast forward about 2 or 3 years. Still not pregnant. I decided to switch doctors. I went to my appointment and told them all about the previous blood-work and they gave me a prescription and instructions for Clomid. I would take it during such and such days in my cycle and so long after that I would go do blood-work for them to check my levels. Supposedly my levels were “great”. After about 3 or 4 months I started doing research on what my levels should be to get pregnant and the numbers my doctor was telling me was nowhere close to what I was reading! Then one of the last months I was on Clomid I had just went do my blood-work and on the way home I had a complete meltdown out of nowhere. I was fine before that. This was on the Friday. Sunday comes and I’m at work until 7. An….unfortunate event occurred (I won’t talk about on here) that set of a chain reaction. Its kind of hard to explain without telling exactly what happened but like I said I won’t talk about it on here. Come Monday morning I can barely move or get out of bed because I was in so much pain. I call my doctor and explain the pain I’m feeling and they seem to think it was a ruptured ovarian cyst so they make an emergency appointment for me to go in to make sure. Tim leaves work to come pick me up at home and I almost couldn’t walk, that’s how bad it was. The Clomid had overstimulated my ovaries which resulted in the cyst rupturing. I never want to feel that pain again. Did I mention that this was 2 days before Christmas? Yeah…Merry Christmas to us. I was out of work for 3 weeks for it to heal. The doctor wanted to put me back on Clomid at an even lower dose. I never went back to see him. I felt that they didn’t do all they could to help us. They weren’t keeping up with doing ultrasounds to check how many follicles were forming and stuff like that.

Around December of 2014 I signed up for Young Living to look into more natural ways to get pregnant. All I have to say is that this had to be the hand of God at work. He brings us to places and things when He knows we need it the most ya’ll. It soo amazing to realize this. When I got my kit, my friend added me to all her information groups on Facebook that were for our group, “The Happy Oilers”. You may have heard about us. What i didn’t expect was that I’d be so welcomed and loved from the very start. Our oily groups is not what you would expect, it’s not every girl or guy for themselves but we help each other! I ended up stumbling upon a discussion from one of our leaders about adoption. She had adopted 2 babies within a year of each other. The way she talked about it was amazing to me. And it sparked something in me. That is when Tim and I ┬ádecided instead of putting money into fertility treatments that may fail, why not put that money towards adopting?? We’ve learned that you need to fully put your trust into God and He will make the way for you. There are some things we couldn’t have done if God wasn’t in the mix. And we still have a ways to go in this adoption. The hard part has only begun.