I don’t know what kind of “feels” I will have this year… We kind of did expect to have adopted by now but, ya know. This is definitely a good read tho.

Waiting for Baby Bird Ministries

From the Heart of an Infertile

Hey there sweet Mama,

I know we have never met.  You don’t know much about me unless you have read my “about me” section, and honestly, I probably know little to nothing about you.  But if you are a mother,  I’m going to guess that Mother’s Day is a time of celebration for you. You wake up to burnt toast ready for you to eat in bed. There are flowers picked from the yard lying next to your pillow. You open gifts handcrafted with love and read cards made by tiny hands and broken crayons. It’s a great day for you!  As it should be!  You should be celebrated for all the sacrifices you make for your family. You should be recognized and applauded for all of your hard work.  Because being a mother? It’s not easy or always fun.

But in the midst of your celebration this Sunday, can…

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