The Apparent Project!

I come with updates! Well…sort of lol. The Home Study will be scheduled SOON. Like as soon as we send off the application and fee! So I been looking around for other ideas for fundraisers-even tho after our BBQ lunch we said no more. I stumbled upon this fundraiser idea while on Pinterest. All great ideas come from there LOL. So I started reading into and man, did it grab at my heart! What I love about it is that it not only benefits us but it also helps these people in Haiti to be able to provide for their families! I encourage you all to look at the videos, these people are truly amazing. Being the natural born helper that I am, I’m choosing to do this because I’d like to know that I’ve made a difference. We should be getting the package around 2 weeks from now. Here are the details:

(75)Bracelets @ $10 a piece

(50)Necklaces @ $14 a piece

(50)Earrings @ $6 a pair

If you would like a bracelet, necklace or earrings please contact us. You can see in this cover picture what the items would look like. What we get from this fundraiser will go towards anything regarding our adoption like: fees, traveling, baby items, and anything else related. We love you all and are so thankful for you!  Please help us share about this fundraiser, if you are out of state I can arrange to mail you items if you would like to participate! We cannot wait to welcome our baby!