Is when my husband got in a wreck with my Jeep. My Jeep wasn’t even a year old yet. But thankfully Timmy was not hurt and not in the wrong. It was a foggy morning last Monday and the guy that hit Timmy missed the curve and tried to still make the turn, but ended up hitting my Jeeps front driver side wheel and hood. I knew from when I seen the damage that they were going to total it. Here’s some pics:


And today I fell in love with a new vehicle. Never would of imagined that I would personally pick this make BUT, y’all. OMG. Loaded SUV with navigation, sunroof, power seats, heated seats-front and back, bluetooth connectivity, 3rd row seat, auxiliary jack and probably a few other things that I can’t think of right now. Behold, my new whip:


A 2011 Dodge Durango! It. Is. Perfect. I think God knew what he was doing with wrecking my Jeep, he could have foreseen something bad come up with it and wanted me to have the perfect ride for when we adopt. AH! I bet you can tell I’m really excited lol. I hope you all are doing good, God Bless and stay safe!