At a few things I am doing while we are in this waiting stage for our home study.

How many
of you first time moms decided to go the cloth diaper out? So I’m not alone? Good! Confession: I’ve never changed a diaper in my life. I was an only child and I didn’t have many younger cousins. Will my experience with cloth diapering be a disaster? Oh, most likely. Will it stop me from still trying it out? Absolutely not. I want to provide my baby and family with the most natural and chemical free options that I can manage. Hence why I decided a year ago to start using Young Living Essential Oils. I’m able to make a lot of my own products now and it’s awesome because I can control what all goes into that item. I’ve done a lot of research into all the toxins and chemicals being put into all our store bought products. I encourage you all to do the same! But enough of talks and talk – back to diapers. I really like Rumparooz brand and a small place called Lemonberry Fluff. I love the ones that  adjust with baby. My favorites are the prints! I am such a sucker for those! It would be great to know the gender we are adopting but for now I’m trying to stick with gender neutral prints and colors. A few people have told me that, since I know how to sew, I should try and make my own cloth diapers. For now I think I’ll stick with buying them haha. They seem kind of complicated. Maybe one day in the future I will try my hand at it but for now I’ll think I’ll just wait.

One thing I am sewing for baby is some cloth wipes made out of flannel fabric. My husband is super happy about this because I don’t have to pay $100 to buy some off of Etsy. I finally figured them out on my sewing machine! So that’s what I have been doing these past couple of days is making a lot of cloth wipes to build my stash. Here is a picture of some that I am working on.



Good thing is I did not have to go out and buy any flannel fabric. I had most of this in my fabric stash already from a couple years ago. So that was another thing that made my husband happy. These cloth wipes are really easy to make and they are pretty fast to do. I’m also thinking about possibly selling these, what do you all think? I really enjoy sewing and it keeps me in a good mood. Hmmmm….. maybe I should do more blogs on what I sew? At least it will keep you somewhat updated more often if I do blogs on what I saw since we don’t have much information on the adoption yet.

Oh I forgot to tell you! Tim should have his truck back by this weekend! And it actually came out a bit cheaper than we originally thought. God is good! But then I did get a letter in the mail couple days ago saying that I have a recall on my Jeep. It’s not a big deal but we were secretly kind of hoping that it would have been for Timmy’s truck haha. We are very thankful that we were able to fix his truck. But I am so ready to have my Jeep back. Going on three weeks without my vehicle…….at least I had my sewing.

Well I think I will get back to work on my cloth wipes, so I will catch up with ya’ll later! Have a blessed day!