Sorry its been so long since I’ve made a blog, things have been…well….ehhhhh. Our plans of doing our homestudy at the end of January got thrown out the picture because of some information that I found out and at this time I’m not going to say what it is just for reasons. It really sucks. So now we are just sitting it out and praying about it. I feel like we are totally wasting time but what can we do? Its also very frustrating.  Oh and another thing that happened was Tims truck broke down….going on 3 weeks not being able to drive it. Good thing is we are able to fix it, thank god because I’m ready to have my jeep back lol.

I’ve also been focusing on my sewing again. If you would like to check out my facebook page or instagram page just search up You Got Sew’d by Manda. My instagram doesnt have much up yet on it but im getting there. Sewing helps keep my depression away in times like this. I hope to have it kick off soon. Well I just wanted to hop on here and give yall an update. God bless.