To be honest..there’s really no new development in our adoption. This month we should be getting our insurance cards(finally) so that is one more thing crossed off that list to be ready for home-study. We still need to get our pets up to date on shots and clean out another room. We hope to roll with the home-study once January starts because this keeps getting old when people ask “hows the adoption going?” “when you are getting the baby?” and we really can’t tell them anything more than it’s a slow process.. So obviously this blog wont be about adoption lol.

To think back to last December, I’ve come a pretty long way. Not that I’ve done anything really bad but a year ago this month is when I woke up one Sunday morning before my husband and had a weird feeling that I had to go to church with him. Needless to say he was pretty shocked…and extremely happy. Since that day we’ve only missed a handful of days. You see, I grew up catholic and went to a catholic school. I hated it to be really honest. I didn’t believe or understand half the stuff we were taught in religion. We go to a nondenominational church now. And now I have this feeling of wanting/needing more. Its pretty weird to me. I still don’t understand a lot of stuff I read in the bible. And it’s frustrating to me and in a way discourages me. It’s hard to have this urge to want to know more and seek more but also get discouraged at the same time because you can’t grasp it. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. Bible study kinda scares me because I think they are going to make me try and explain a passage when I don’t understand. I know that’s probably not how it goes but lol. I want feedback as to how you deal with this, if you’ve ever dealt with it. I need more friends that are real into their faith. This is probably boring for some people but I’ve been feeling like I should share this for a while.

And also last year for Christmas, Tim let me get into Young Living. I mainly was looking for healthier alternatives as to trying to conceive. We’ve dealt with infertility going on 5 years now. It’s been pretty hard because you think once you get married you’ll end up pregnant in the first year like everyone else. So I ordered a suggested oil along with the entire kit. Man, I should have gotten into this sooner because they have completely changed my life for the better. While I may not have gotten pregnant yet, I have been more conscious as to what goes in and on my body. If you have not looked into Young Living Essential Oils, YOU NEED TO. Read a little bit HERE. I did not get into this to make money. I just wanted to be a bit more healthier. But, man, has Young Living blessed me. I have an amazing network of women who empower and help each other. This is how I came to the decision to adopt. A big majority of my oily gals have adopted, in process of adopting or are fostering. These oils are a God send. Like seriously. AND they have been used since biblical times. Yeah. Its pretty awesome. There is sooo much opportunity in this, most of these oily gals husbands have quit their jobs because YL has blessed them so much. Adoptions paid in full, mission trips, whatever you name it.

Brings me to a goal that my husband an I have: To build a home with a lot of bedrooms on acres and acres and acres of land so we can adopt and foster kiddos in our area and from all over. We want to adopt the older kids and teach them how to live life to the fullest and that they are loved. Most of the older kids in foster care age out. What that means is they are not legally adopted by the time they turn 18 and they are forced to figure out life on their own with little to no help. We want to have a lot of land so we can build small tiny houses for these kids to live and learn the responsibilities of adulthood along with having us loving and supporting them along the way. They will be taught to get a job, how to pay their own bills and all that other kinda stuff. Now I know this will take a lot of willpower and money but we have faith that if God puts it on our hearts it will come to life. We are now taking the steps to try and build our credit so we could possibly get a move on with this in the next 2 years. With God all things are possible.

Well…that became really long. Guess I needed to let that all out. I hope this wasn’t too long for anyone haha. I’d really love some feedback so please leave some comments and I hope you all have a blessed day!