Since this adoption process is starting to be long and drawn out I decided that I won’t bore you by not posting anything, so I am going to do a post about my Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is a subscription(you can cancel anytime) that you receive however many times you want each month. You have the option to do automatic fixes or go in manually and set them. It is $20 a fix and this $20 goes towards whatever you keep out of your fix. If you keep all 5 items they give you a 25% discount! Sometimes its almost cheaper to keep all than to only keep a few. If you keep nothing you lose the $20. And you get perks if you have referrals! Here’s my link: The key to it is to make SURE you are very detailed as to what you like/want. The pickier, the better. And trust me…I’m picky when it comes to a lot of things. This is my 5th Stitch Fix so lets get into what they sent me:


And this is what the clothes look like on:


I’m only keeping 2 items out of this fix, the 2 cardigans! This is so much easier for me because I really don’t have time(or any girlfriends) to go shop like I want to, plus with work and the adoption coming up its just so much better to have it shipped directly to me. And I like the surprise of it. If I feel the want to have a certain color item all I have to do is send a note to my stylist and she does her best to fulfill my wishes. If you would like to know the names of these items just leave a comment and I’ll get it to you!