OH MY GOSH. This was our biggest fundraiser YET! I do have to say I had my doubts but it all worked out perfectly! We are so thankful! So are ya ready to hear how much we did!? Okay! We raised$1,080!!!! WHAT!? Yes we did! WE could not have have done it without all of you that helped!! Also a HUGE thanks to my aunt and uncle at Meaux Sneaux Shack for letting us hand the plates out there! This means we are so much closer to doing the Home study. What’s left to do before diving into the Home Study? Well, we need to get our pets up to date on shots….and that’s going to cost us near $400. Esh…But it’ll get done! Also need to finish the floor in the baby room. Below you will see a couple pics from yesterday, I didn’t get to take a whole lot because I was kinda running crazy lol.


It turned out to be a great day despite all the rain we got! We even had a little bit of fun while waiting for people to come pick up plates. Please excuse my snorty laugh, it was hilarious in person! We normally do some type of wierd challenge like this when we are slow haha.