Soooo…there isn’t much of an update here to be honest. Our BBQ dinner is next weekend(on Halloween) and so far we have sold70/200 tickets. Really, 70 sold is great but it also means we still don’t have enough to start the Home Study. On THAT note, Tim and I have decided that this BBQ plate lunch fundraiser is probably going to be the LAST fundraiser(besides the puzzle pieces…read here) that we will do. Does this mean we are stopping the adoption? HELL NO. We are just going to be taking matters into our own hands with finding the money to finish. I kinda feel the need to say that, overall, we have raised $5,000 so far. Tim and I have PUT IN $4,000. Do the math. I feel that some may think we are trying to get everyone else to put in money but us for this adoption. And it’s totally not the case! We want you all to have a chance to play a part in this God filled journey! We are in no way saying you have to give a certain amount, if you say that you support our decision and want to help then do something… I don’t know, maybe I’m just letting my emotions get the best of me or that I have such high expectations but its getting pretty frustrating. Sorry that I seem to be ranting. Just wanted to put an update up so you don’t think I’m skipping out on ya’ll. I hope you all have a great weekend.