The first initial paperwork has been RECEIVED and more has been sent back lol! Now the next step is to undergo the Home Study. I’ve gotten a bit of information from one lady and before we can schedule it we will have to do another fundraiser(keep your eyes out for it, will be announced THIS WEEK). The cost of the HS will be around $1500. We are just shy of it. I will be updating our Fundraiser Tracker HERE by adding what and how much the funds go towards. We have to find the time for my husband, my mom and I to all be off on the same day so we can go get our certified original birth certificate copies. And also waiting on insurance issues.. But it looks like we might not be able to do the HS until the end of this year, and by end I mean December. Which kinda sucks. There is a reason for everything tho so I am trusting this process and also trusting in God.