Man….Kiltz will be the death of me. The smell is so so strong. I had to take a bandanna and put Peppermint oil on it so I wouldn’t smell the Kiltz constantly. But I want to keep ya’ll updated with how the process of the room is going! Here is the before and during pics: 11988690_1057505067594655_5611984294509405534_n 11954833_1057666047578557_6590614862511958945_n

This is the original wall color in our house. This room was the ONLY one left with this…..I couldn’t stand it at all. I just need to finish putting Kiltz on one wall and apply the second coat to it. Then the fun part of seeing how the grey I picked comes out! So exciting! I have so many ideas for the decor in here. But most of the decor will have to wait until we find out what the baby’s gender is. It will still be a good while before we know anything, I’m just being ahead of the game and getting most things set up already. We don’t want to take the chance of having the adoption go fast and not have any time to fix up the room and everything else. So, now, on my Mondays off I will be focusing on this room. Keep an eye out for more pics of the process to come!