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September 2015

Next Step: Home Study!

The first initial paperwork has been RECEIVED and more has been sent back lol! Now the next step is to undergo the Home Study. I’ve gotten a bit of information from one lady and before we can schedule it we will have to do another fundraiser(keep your eyes out for it, will be announced THIS WEEK). The cost of the HS will be around $1500. We are just shy of it. I will be updating our Fundraiser Tracker HERE by adding what and how much the funds go towards. We have to find the time for my husband, my mom and I to all be off on the same day so we can go get our certified original birth certificate copies. And also waiting on insurance issues.. But it looks like we might not be able to do the HS until the end of this year, and by end I mean December. Which kinda sucks. There is a reason for everything tho so I am trusting this process and also trusting in God.

Paperwork Has Been Sent Off!

OH MY GOD. It’s all becoming real! Yesterday I sent off the first initial Adoption paperwork along with the first payment! We are so excited for our consultant  to receive our paperwork and send us all the other information she has for us. The rest of the information is on the different types of adoptions and on some financial options that are available. God is SOOOOO amazing. We truly would not be able to have gotten this far without his undying love for us! HE has so much in store for us, this is ONLY the beginning of it all! I can’t wait to see where we will go and what HIS plan for us is. I’ve always had this feeling of needing to help people in some shape or form for as long as I can remember. I feel it with this adoption and also with my essential oils. And you bet I will document it all, so continue to follow me here. I would LOVE for all of you to be right beside all through this journey!


Today is Suicide Awareness day….and no wonder you’ve been on my mind for a couple days now. I miss the crazy times we’ve had going try dresses on at Macys and also going be fattasses(as you would call it) by getting froyo. I miss your crazy laugh. I miss your bitchiness. I just all around miss the living hell out of you.  I wish we wouldn’t of stopped talking…I could of maybe helped you..
Suicide is never the answer! It only passes your pain to another person! There is help out there, talk to someone, talk to me! I have had plenty of friends thats come to me to just talk. I want my friends to be happy. So please think before you do something, someone loves you!

Operation Baby Room=For The Most Part Complete!

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+Nesting in Adoption+

Beautifully written by our soon to be adoption consultant! I am totally in this stage right now.

Yesterday I had one of my sweet clients email me saying that they sent everything in for their home study and she was telling me how EXCITED she was about moving forward. She mentioned feeling silly but really wanted to buy something for the baby just because it was getting REAL.

I immediately wrote  back and said “Go buy it”

With Pregnancy you have a more specific time frame of when the baby will be here and can prepare throughout. While walking in adoption you don’t know a time frame or usually whether you are preparing for a girl or a boy!

There is something I want to tell you though… NEST AWAY! This is part of the adoption journey for US! For the moms that grow their family through adoption this is a part of the process that you deserve to enjoy and experience. Don’t be nervous or scared…

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Man….Kiltz will be Continue reading “Painting”

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