Each day we get closer and closer to actually sending our paperwork off to start the adoption with Christian Adoption Consultants! We still have a few things that we have to do before we can send off the paperwork and payment tho. So far this is what we’ve done(might not seem like a big deal to most of you but to us, it is.): We’ve finally fixed our cell phone bill and got it cheaper, MY JEEP IS PAID OFF!!!!, and we got Timmy some new tires for his truck. Now the next things to do is settle the debt we have an then we are all set!! Holy crap this is amazing haha. Wow, we have come such a long way. Although we have the money now to start the process, we will still do the 3 other fundraisers we said we were going to do(the cake bingo, painting fundraiser and finish the puzzle fundraiser). I just wanted to post a little update for you all 🙂 Hope all of you are doing great!!