Church today was AMAZING. The music was on point and very moving. Then half way thru the sermon our preacher said one particular phrase that caught me by surprise“It Ain’t Nothing But A Thing. Whoa. I knew right then and there that Timmy and I are on the right path. With us both getting new jobs, with choosing to use his 401K from previous job to pay off some bills, Adoption plans and some other choices. I knew my Pahn(my godfather that passed away) had snuck his way into the sermon to give me that little showing that he approves of the choices we’ve made. My father wasn’t in my life at all so my Pahn practically was my father figure. So hearing that today made me feel so much joy! I’m almost in tears writing this blog because our life is about to change for the BETTER. We’ve worked so hard to get to this point. And soon we will be able to start our adoption! I get so damn emotional thinking that so very soon I will be able to hold and love a child of our own. God is so good ya’ll.