I am really quite tired of people who don’t give a shit about a person. Like, how can you just go back to your old ways after you landed yourself in the hospital?? Did you not learn your freaking lesson?? Ugh. Sorry ya’ll but I’m really really freaking tired of this shit. It always falls back on me and I hate it. My husband and I suffer for it all the damn time. There is SO much more I’d like to say but I can’t. And please, if a few certain people read this and want to start drama just don’t. Just. Don’t. I cannot handle anymore crap thrown at me. I’ve seriously reached the end of my rope and I don’t know what to fucking do about it anymore. You see that? I dropped the F bomb. I’ve been doing good not using it as much so you know I’m mad as hell. Hopefully next blog I can come back with some type of better news….