I’m bored so I will talk about my beauty routine I guess. Most of the time I don’t think I look pretty, whether with makeup on or not. It’s really hard to try and get my self esteem back up. I honestly don’t know why or how it got like this. I LOVE makeup, its one of my weaknesses ha-ha. So I will try to build up my confidence by doing my makeup either everyday or every other day. Yesterday I took a before and after pic of me getting ready to go to my sis-in-laws birthday dinner(yeah…July is full of birthdays lol). Pic posted below.

So..the things I dislike about my face/hair is how white under my eyes are, my eyebrows(I recently used a razor to shape them, haven’t got them quite how i like them yet), my lips are tiny therefore making it kinda hard to wear nice lipstick, I can’t find the perfect shade of foundation because it never matches my neck no matter how hard I try, and my hair is really dry and hard to control. I’ve always been the girl who never has “normal” colored hair, it’s always been some shade of rainbow. When I don’t have oddly colored hair I don’t feel right and I feel that I’m missing a piece of myself. But bleach is my worst enemy besides my own self. It takes such a toll on my poor hair and it saddens me because I won’t be able to color it other than a darker color. Yeah….you see them roots? Ugh. Lately since I haven’t been able to get to my hairstylist I was using the Manic Panic dye BUT for some reason it never attaches to my new hair growth. And it plain just looks weird as hell. Well, to me at least. So dark brown may be my best bet to go with for a while(noooooooooooooo say it isn’t sooooo!!) to get my hair back in good condition. Unless any of you out there in blogger land know of any awesome hair remedies??? I really don’t want to go “normal” lol. It’s funny because when I don’t have vibrant hair people ask me what’s wrong. Nope…nothings wrong, just can’t bleach my hair is all lol. I’d love for my hair to get back like how it was in this pic:


Yup. That was the normal me about…..4 years ago. Here I did feel pretty, but I think it was the eyebrows and how long my hair was ha-ha! That was the longest my hair has ever been.

I been really liking the ombre lips as of lately. So today I tried it out with a blue eyeliner pencil and my baby blue lip tar. I personally love how it came out! What do you guys think of it? And by the way…. the rest of my makeup is still from last night. It’s as perfect as it was the night before.


I would like to try some new makeup ideas, so if you have one shoot it my way! I need some motivation. In what ways do you boost your confidence?