We had such a blast! The drive up there wasn’t bad at all. Tim, Zack and I left around 8pm and arrived there at about 11:30pm. I wanted to drive that way I could get comfortable with the route in case I’d like to go visit Tabby while C is deployed. It was so nice to be able to finally see Tabby and C.

I believe that this weekend God was, in a sense, preparing my heart for our adoption because C’s son took an immediate liking to Tim and I. Seeing how Tim played with him and talked to him really captured my heart. It made me really want this adoption to go even faster. It was just awesome. We are so beyond ready for a baby to love. Seeing how he was with us makes me want to go in full force to fund-raise the rest of the funds needed for us to start the adoption process.

The Friday was Tabby’s birthday and she had to work so we got to spend the day with C and his son. We ended up getting lunch with Tabby. Then we found the Italian restaurant near her work and made the reservations for later that evening. From there we went to the mall and a few other stores so C could get a few birthday gifts for Tabby. Also the Walmart up in Bossier SAVED MY LIFE because I was able to get my contacts from them. Thank God because I hate my glasses… which now that I am thinking of it…I’m not sure if i brought my glasses back with me or not. Uh oh. I’m going to have to go check my bag later. We also go to see Tabby’s mom and dad who we haven’t seen in a good while. Tabby had a great time for her birthday dinner at that Italian restaurant with all of us.

Saturday morning we had to get up quite early because C and his son was leaving to go visit family back where C is from. It was kinda emotional because they had never spent time away from each other. So after we seen them off we went back to the house to let the dogs out and wait for the boardwalk to open up. Yeah…we were up waaaaaay before stores even opened ha-ha. Once they opened we set out on our way. We decided to have Hooters for lunch. Hooters is my FAVE! And not long after that Tabby got a call from another family member that was in the area and asked us to eat supper with them so we went meet them and enjoyed our time.

Sunday….the day we leave to go home. We really didn’t want to leave honestly. All of us ran a few errands that morning and then we got our stuff packed back up into the Jeep to head out. Coming home we didn’t hit hardly any traffic to that was nice. I think Rose was ready to be home ha-ha. My mom said Sterling(my cat) was lost without me at home, he kept her up all night meowing. It was such a blessing to be able to go visit Tabby. We plan on making another trip before C’s deployment….hopefully it can be a longer visit next time!

Now it’s back to everyday life and back to thinking of better fundraisers to raise the rest of the funds we need for the adoption. Our second batch of shirts just ended and we sold 17 shirts, the total profit from this go round was $150! I think with that our savings is up to $2,000 now. I will have to double check once we can transfer all the funds to that account so watch for the updated fundraiser tracker on here! I am still waiting on my work schedule from my aunts snow cone stand before I can actually schedule the next fundraisers. We have a Cake Bingo planned and also a Painting fundraiser(similar to Painting With a Twist). I just don’t like having to wait ha-ha. But i am trying my best to be patient. I would appreciate any advice on ways that I can fund-raise without having to set a date for , any ideas??

Hope you all have a great day!