Three days till what you may ask? Well it happens to be 3 days til my husband, brother in law and I head out for a small road-trip to see their cousin/my best friend!!! WE CAN NOT WAIT! I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen her to be honest. That’s kinda bad considering when she was living in South Louisiana we were pretty much inseparable. Now we only get to see each other when she comes down for family functions…well that all depends on if she can take off of work, or if we can spare taking a trip up there. Tim and I decided to just go ahead and take a trip up to North Louisiana regardless of what our situation is because we had to cancel our 5 year anniversary trip to Arkansas since my mom broke her hip 3 days before we were scheduled to leave… We were SOOOOOO looking forward to that trip to. But God has a funny way of protecting us from harm and we later found out that during the time we were going to be up there a tornado passed thru about 20 miles from where we were going to stay that caused a lot of fatalities. So in a way it was kind of a blessing.

I’m the type of person that truly NEEDS her friends. I hate being by myself, especially when I am depressed. Depression and only having myself as company during it spells disaster. And yes, I know that Tim is always here with me(unless on a job) but sometimes I just need my besties to come take me away to lift my spirits. But that gets hard to do when most of them are now living further away from me.. I also have really bad anxiety thrown into the mix. I rarely go places alone because I start having panic attacks. Sometimes its fine other times its not. I try my best to overcome them but it gets pretty hard once it starts consuming you. Just one thought can spiral into starting it. It’s one of the reasons why I quit working a year and a half ago. It got too much for me to handle and it sent me deeper into depression. That’s just a little insight into what I used to deal with and lately(on occasion) have to deal with. I do have to say that I *think* I’ve gotten better at having to deal with stuff that comes up on my own lately. Of course on some days I fail miserably but who’s perfect?? Exactly. No one is perfect so its perfectly fine to lose it some days.

Sometimes you just need to take a trip somewhere pretty to renew your spirits. And we really need that right now. We still have a long ways to go before we can even sign the papers to START the adoption process. We are in the waiting stage. Waiting for extra money off our checks to put towards our savings for adoption. Waiting for fundraisers to raise funds. Just waiting….and more waiting. It gets frustrating. Some days I feel that this won’t happen and we’ll be forced to wait more. What will happen then? This is why we need to go up to see our Beaded Warrior.¬†We need some fun in our lives! And she needs us to push some creativity into her so she can get back working on her beaded jewelry. So stay tuned for that! I have to start my day now so I hope you all have a Blessed Day!