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July 2015

The brightest light in the darkest hour


“Its the worst of times that brings out the best in people”— Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Its like something that plays out in a action film or play of some sort. It was an ordinary Thursday night people in Louisiana doing all kinds of different things as usual life was in no way different from the day before. I can remember I was traveling home when I received a text a local theater had become victim to a mass shooting. Now I’ve lived here all my life there was no way something like this could be serious. After all with all the rumors and speculation that fill the internet each and everyday how could one believe such a thing. I arrive home come inside to greet my family and notice a very look I’ll never forget. A look of shock, disbelief, horror, sadness, and anger all in one. I then look…

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Not my town not my town not my town

This. A few short years ago we were living in Lafayette, now we are a couple minutes away in another town but it is still TOO CLOSE to home! What makes people do this kind of stuff??? This world is getting so sick and twisted. Please pray for peace in this awful time.

The Wilder Life

We say that God is good all of the time. And we say that we believe all things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose. And we say that what Satan means for evil, God uses for good.
And so what happens when the bad thing happens?
It happens every day. To other people. In other places. On those days I can’t pretend I don’t wonder. A lot. The promises of God never change. When evil knocks right on your front door? When he kicks it down and smashes all that safety and warmth. When it sits next to you in a theater and robs a city of beautiful young souls.
What do you believe?
Not my town. Not my town. Not my town. Isn’t that what lurks in the recesses of the mind when tragedy strikes? Sadness and even tearful sympathy…

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Keeping My Hands Busy

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Be The 1 in 1,000

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Lacking Self Confidence

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What A Wonderful Weekend

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3 days!

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Hubby gets impatient…

I am almost POSITIVE that this is how my husband Timmy is thinking or will be thinking soon. And the part about the cape, we are for sure doing that haha.

Adoption Expectant

Hi all, this is Hubby, taking over for today’s post.  Worry not, we will return to our normal, quality broadcasting from momthruhope very shortly (if for no other reason than to keep me off of here).  In any case, onto the thought of the day…

How do you take time for yourself when you’re trying to bring a child into your life? My thoughts about adoption are non-stop. Did they get the paperwork? How long will the background check take? Has our worker read anything yet? When will the call come for the first meeting? I think of all of the ways that I can rearrange my schedule on any given day in order to make a potential meeting as soon as possible.

Once the meetings happen, will they already have some possible matches in mind based off of what they know about us? Or will we be sitting and…

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