Timmy just left for offshore this morning, WOOHOO! Yeah….not really lol. I’m always so lost without him here. The good thing is he will only be gone a couple days. OH! This also means I will not be able to sleep at all while he’s gone so there may be a few more blogs coming haha. This might be another random babble type of blog but it’s all what’s going on in my mind.

When I was younger I never thought I would ever get married and have kids because it seemed as though no guys ever liked me or asked me out. Most kids by 16 they’ve already started dating and whatnot, not me. I think I was 19 when Timmy came into my life. June 6th, of 2006(yes…the dreaded 666 day…errrrr) is when I started Trade School for Drafting & Design and when I walked into the classroom our eyes met and something inside me said “You’re going to marry this guy.” Weird I know but it’s kinda like God saved me for him. We were inseparable. Now it was a fight to get him to date me haha, but 2 years later on January 6th, of 2008 we were at his cousin Tabby’s house(check out her blog: Beaded Warrior) and he took out his cell phone and started texting, next thing I know he hands me the phone to read. It read Will you go out with me?” Of course I was a little confused and kept saying to not play with my heart like that but it turned out that it was all the truth! Then about a month later on February 4th, of 2008 Timmy asked me to marry him! He was really impatient when it came to him giving me the ring, it was supposed to be for Valentines but..lol. The love that Timmy and I have is like no other. He lifts me up when I’m down and I do the same for him. I say it’s all because I’m an Aries(fire sign) and he’s a Pisces(water sign), I put a fire under his ass when needed and he puts out my fire when needed. Now don’t get me wrong, we do have our differences also. But it all works out in the end for us. We chose a 2 year engagement and decided to get married on May 8th of 2010.


Our marriage isn’t perfect. Nothing is ever perfect. We’ve had our ups and more of our fair share of downs. But one thing always remains, we love each other unconditionally and no matter what we won’t give up on one another. If you truly love someone then no matter what happens you need to fight for them. I honestly couldn’t tell you where I would be if Timmy wouldn’t have came into my life. I love our life together, I may not like all the situations that happen or we get into but all that matters is that we stand by one another and work together. We won’t go down without a fight. I am so blessed God put me on this path to him. THANK YOU!

And now, 5 years after our marriage we can add another date for me to burn into my brain: May of 2015-Pursuing Adoption! And for sure there will be a ton more dates soon to come for me to remember like signing papers for the CAC, completing the home-study, matching with agency, chosen by birth-mother, child’s birth, and finally….finalization of adoption. We are so grateful to be on this journey along with all our family and friends. We are forever grateful for all of you!

With God, All Things Are Possible.