I figured I could talk a little bit about the essential oils I got into last Christmas since there’s not much to update on the adoption yet. (You can click on the pics to get the big picture to see better).

I am in total love with these oils. I feel so wonderful! It’s so awesome to see so many of my friends gain financial freedom thru Young Living and do such AMAZING things because of it. A majority of them are also going thru adoption and fostering! I’m just patiently(trying to at least) waiting for the day that we have enough saved from fundraising to start the paperwork for our adoption process to begin. Since I’ve started with Young Living I have saved every check to put towards our adoption. I would love to share this with everyone! So message me and I can help get you all the information, or if you would like to dive in on the 24% off wholesale membership then you can click this link HERE.


You now have an option to PICK your diffuser!! This is awesome! All of them are great but I cannot wait to get my hand on the Aria Diffuser! Its pretty much an MP3 player along with all the other cool stuff it does! Which one are you going to choose?


Here’s a bit of information on each oil in the kit!

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3 ways you can use these oils:

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