My wonderful best friend started a blog of her own and could use some encouragement! She also talks a bit about Tim and I’s adoption.


Where do I even begin? 

A couple of months ago, my boyfriend told me he got orders. My heart dropped and I asked when he was leaving. From the beginning he told me he was deploying soon, I just didn’t think it would be this soon. My first thought was to cry, but I could not let him know I was upset. Our relationship is still fairly new and I thought I would have a lot more time with him before he left. Things don’t always work out how we think they will. At the time, I was working 2 jobs, my regular full-time position and then I would clean afterwards for extra money.  After a few weeks of working both jobs, I decided I wanted more time at home with my love, so I quit my second job and made more time to be home!

We talked about getting…

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