Okay, I admit that I am a nervous wreck worrying about if this T-shirt fundraiser will work out for the adoption. I’m only human lol. I am a natural worrier and stress-er, that’s where Tim and I are different. He is so calm and collected during this and tries to keep my worries down to a minimum but sometimes it doesn’t work out ha-ha. I try to keep myself busy by listening to music and doing stuff around the house. I also started writing some prayers in a journal to help keep my worrying down. My goal is to fill it up that way I can flip thru it later whenever I need. If you have a favorite prayer please send it my way either on Facebook, Instagram, comments on here, etc. Just keep us in your prayers that we can start the adoption process as soon as we can because, God, we really want this so so bad. We are just so ready to have a little one of our own so we can pour our love into.

On that note, tonight we are going look into a bigger vehicle for me. My poor lil Civ wont be a great car to get a baby in and out of(sad face). I really love my Civ too, its a 2 door tho… But you got to do what you got to do! So once again keep us in your prayers that its a good deal that we can afford. This will be a small SUV. I’ll be happy as long as it drives well, has a/c and is a 4 door. If it doesn’t work out then we will just keep trucking along until we are able to get what I really want(2015 Kia Sportage with the cross bars on the roof!).

Yep. My mind is ALL over the place. What other stuff would you like me to blog about? Adoption of course, but is there any other stuff you would like to read about? I know some people get tired of reading the same over and over so I’m kinda feeling of going off topic every few days to keep things interesting. Want to know how Tim and I met? Want us to do a blog post about each of our likes and dislikes so you can get to know us? Send me feedback! Hope you all are having a good day! We love and appreciate every single one of you!!